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who we are


Insight Coach Consult Research was established by Jane Sullivan in 2011 with one objective:  to unlock the potential in organisations and individuals.  We provide a niche, boutique consultancy approach to dealing with the every day challenges that organisations and individual face, offering a range of bespoke solutions to meet your particular needs.


We focus on team and individual coaching, organisational culture, leadership development, and maximising employee engagement, well-being, and performance.


We work across the private, public, and not for profit sectors.  We also work on a 1-1 basis with individual coaching clients and offer supervision to professional coaches working in a variety of contexts.

how we work

Insight offers a broad range of expertise focused on workplace and individual coaching, consultancy, and organisational research.  In all cases our approach is appreciative, and grounded in 'strengths-based' principles; we believe that working with what already works in the system is far more productive, energising, and satisfying than always simply trying to fix what's broken. ​

We strive to build knoweldge, capability, and confidence in those with whom we work.  We always take a partnership approach, so that working with us feels like 'done with' rather than 'done to'.  We listen to your specific needs and aspirations to help you define what you're really hoping to achieve, and with your input, will develop a bespoke solution, identify the right tools and, importantly, nominate the right people from our network of associates.


We know that achieving great results is hard work, so we are committed to ensuring that working together is enjoyable, insightful, and above all, a developmental journey for all involved. 

It is of the upmost importance to us that our clients are delighted with the solutions we offer, and that we are fully engaged in a true partnership as we work together.