coaching supervision

Jane is passionate about supervision for coaches; she discovered the transformative power of supervision whilst working towards her own coaching accreditation and has never looked back. In fact, she saw so much value in the process that she decided to train as a supervisor herself.

Jane believes that not only does supervision provide much needed support and space for reflection, it can fundamentally transform your practice and the way you coach.  


Jane sees supervision as a true partnership with her clients. She supports coaches to:

  • enhance their self awareness

  • develop confidence and self belief

  • acknowledge their strengths

  • develop greater resilience

  • develop professionally, and

  • explore strategies in order to tap into their own creativity.  

Sitting beneath the work is the mantra that Jane found so helpful in her own training: Who you are is how you coach.  The more you are able to bring your own authentic self into the coaching arena, to be fully in service of your clients, the more aware you are about what is your stuff and what is your client's stuff, and the more confident you feel to trust your instincts and experiment and play, the more impactful your coaching will be.