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I am passionate about supervision for coaches; I truly believe that not only does supervision provide much needed support and space for reflection, it can fundamentally transform your practice and the way you coach.  

I see supervision as a true partnership between my clients and me.  Coaching is incredibly rewarding  and demands much of the coach; supervision allows a space for reflection and generative thinking, to be playful in exploring new ideas and ways of working.  Supervision also allows coaches to take a step back and be compassionate to themselves. 


My aim?   To facilitate my clients to enhance their self awareness, develop confidence and self belief, acknowledge their strengths, develop greater resilience, develop professionally, and explore strategies in order to tap into their own creativity.   


I work with the 7-eyed model of supervision (Hawkins) and the Full Spectrum model of supervision (CSA).  Both of these frameworks provide a hook upon which we, in partnership, explore your work, your development, and who you are as a coach. After all, who you are is how you coach.

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