healthy workplaces

By healthy workplaces, we don't mean providing nutritious snacks in the kitchen, or organising yoga and meditation classes during lunchtime.  By all means do those things but a healthy workplace goes deeper, much deeper, than that.  

Understanding whether your organisation is 'healthy' requires a thorough understanding of a number of factors - levels of employee stress and wellbeing, bullying and harassment, retention issues, patterns of absence, and risk areas in the organisation. 


We can identify the contributing factors, and help you to identify changes in individual, team, and organisational practice that will contribute to a healthier organisation, and as such, enhanced performance.  If it's quantitative work you are after, we also work in partnership with our friends at Facta Consult to help you to understand what it is that engages your employees.  We work with the Engagement Wheel and a broad range of organisational benchmarks to help you to put your results into context.

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