Organisational development


Organisational culture is the outward articulation of 'how things are done around here'.  Attempts to change culture are often frustrated by the deep-rooted nature of the current culture, and processes and procedures that are simply at odds what you are aiming to achieve.  


We begin by understanding your cultural vision, and then by looking at issues of organisational power and politics, alignment of values and vision with practice, and organisational behaviour - such as bullying and harassment for example.  


We work with tools such as the Burke-Litwin Change Model, the Cultural Web, the Seven S model, Denison Culture, to help you to build a rich picture of your organisation as it currently stands, understand what's working, and explore where you might benefit from taking some action. 


We facilitate your thinking around 'what might be' and through a detailed gap analysis help you design -and if required, support the implementation of - an action plan to help your organisation move towards the desired state.