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Developing internal coaching capability is an effective way to support the development of a coaching culture.  Line managers, and others who are interested to learn more about coaching, benefit hugely from the deep personal insight and additional skills coaching training provides. 


Our approach is bespoke, so we will always design the programme content in partnership with you.   We generally recommend  two modules over three days, allowing for a healthy and lively combination of theory and practice.  The development of the skills of coaching is most effective when taught in a safe, iterative way, with a period of practice and reflection between an initial two-day module and a follow up one-day module.  (We appreciate that three days may not always be feasible, and are happy to work with you to develop one and two day skills modules as well.)

Our coaching programmes are designed to provide the core skills required for coaching and hopefully whet appetites.  After the initial programme, we expect that some people may wish to learn and develop more in this area and can make recommendations to support their ongoing development in the field.


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