What people say

I have been particularly impressed by Jane's genuine lack of judgement and her skilful management of the power dynamics inherent in our relationship. Every session has been extremely rich, and her pithy and insightful follow up notes and suggestions for ‘homework’ are testament to her incredible ability to listen and understand what’s really important for me."

(Female, Director, mid 40s).


"Jane has an astonishing ability to put you at ease.....There's something unswervingly strong in her clarity and honesty that allows you to trust her.  I felt I could lay myself emotionally bare without fear of the world collapsing, without being harshly judged, and without the truth being clouded by foggy sentiment or fraudulent agendas.  

(Female, early thirties)


"I was at a career cross-roads,  My drivers and goals materialised after just a few sessions... It became really clear, that I was more than ready to start my own company  We're now up and running...  I've been able to engage in this new phase of my career with a certainty and clarity that would have been impossible without the coaching I've had from Jane and Insight"  

(Male, 40)