"I have felt very supported by Jane throughout our sessions..as a new manager, coaching has helped me to identify solutions to work-related issues....Coaching has given me greater ownership and clarity in my role and objectives.   I have found the sessions insightful and helpful in developing my leadership skills, improving productivity at work, and building successful relations with my team and other colleagues. It has helped me become more aware of my strengths as an individual, understand what motivates colleagues and be able to manage my team more efficiently.

(Female, middle manager)


"Great sessions that have helped me to focus.  I find that discussing situations with Jane helps me to focus on the reasons for the situation and to look behind an individual’s behaviour to better understand them.  Her coaching methods enable me to deal with matters in the round taking into account the implications of a particular action and to not see any situation in isolation." 

(Female, senior manager)


"The coaching with Jane has helped me to identify and to focus on key priorities, think more strategically, manage time better and helped build my confidence.  The chance to work with a skilled coach is immensely helpful. The time and space afforded by taking time off the treadmill allows me as a manager to reflect, evaluate and plan.   It's helped me  deal with difficult 'people' issues as focussed coaching can help put them to bed." 

(Female, senior manager)


 "Having an experienced qualified coach is of great benefit in getting you to think about how you are managing, what effect this is having and look at other options you could take to manage more effectively.  I found the one to one coaching with Jane really useful to help me look at specific issues from different management perspectives. With Jane’s help I feel I am developing a more objective insight into staff behaviour and performance.  This has helped me adapt the way I manage;  I am better equipped to deal with those tricky management issues like underperformance and unacceptable behaviour in a more effective manner."

(Female, senior manager)


I was signposted to coaching with Jane and I have to say it is the best thing I have done in a long time.  Jane is  approachable and personable and uses a wide range of techniques to facilitate identifying underlying issues for yourself.  Jane  is  intuitive and highly skilled at homing in on key issues

I always come away from a coaching session with Jane feeling so much lighter and freer and I feel in a much more positive, focused and motivated place than a few months ago and this is despite being in a global pandemic!
I can’t believe that 5 sessions have made such a difference!  I have found my voice again, I am much more productive and much less stressed both at work and at home, and I would not hesitate in highly recommending Jane as a coach.

(Middle manager, Female, early 50s)


"I have always gained enormously from the coaching received from Jane; she has helped me through some extremely difficult times.   It has helped me  in building my confidence in dealing with difficult situations and recognising certain behaviour patterns within the office environment, and understanding my reactions to certain behaviours and how to manage situations in a calm and timely manner.  I have also gained confidence in dealing with very difficult staff without fear of disapproval."

(Female, middle manager)


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